About Me

Hi there I’m Michael Graham and welcome to my blog!

Who am I? I am from Ontario, Canada where I live with my beautiful wife and three wonderful kids. I spend my days as an Accounting Assistant, but what I really love to do is make money online, which I have been doing for the past 9 years.

My goal here with this blog is to educate you about the various ways to make money online. I will let you know what I have tried, what has worked, and what has not.

All you really need is a computer with an Internet connection, the will to learn, and the commitment to take action on what you learn.

If at anytime you have questions, comments, or any feedback simply click on the comments link for the post you are reading and you can leave your comments there. I personally check this blog regularly!

Okay, that’s it for now. Enjoy what you find here and I wish you much success…

Michael G

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