Herd Mentality – Don’t be a Sheep

herd mentalityI like sheep. Who doesn’t like sheep, right? It’s fun to watch them frolic about and all that. I imagine they would be fun to raise. If I had a farm I would definitely have some sheep!

But you don’t want to actually be the sheep. Nope. Sheep aren’t too smart. They just kinda do whatever their friends are doing. I saw a video where a herd of sheep ran right off a cliff into the ocean. You’d think after one or two of them ran off, the others might say “Hey that’s kinda dumb. Maybe I shouldn’t follow that guy over the cliff.” Nope. They just keep running off the cliff, one after the other. There were only a few that didn’t jump, and that is just because they got confused and disoriented. Lucky dumb sheep.

“When all think alike, no one thinks very much.” – Albert Einstein


We humans are mostly social creatures. We like to be appreciated and accepted. In order to seek the approval of our peers we sometimes put aside our individual needs or desires and go with the flow. In most circumstances this is just fine. However, when it goes against your better judgement then you need to question whether it is worth it. Ask yourself if you are just taking the easy way out. It is always harder to be an individual, but usually worth the effort.

The thing about herd mentality, is that a herd always needs a leader. Sometimes if you take the effort to stand out and do things your own way, the herd will turn and follow you! Use herd mentality to your advantage. Be the Shepard, not the sheep. Marketers do it all the time. An effective sales page can feed into our herd mentality and create a Launch Frenzy. It’s like Americans on Black Friday – Before you know it you got people buying stuff they don’t need without even knowing why! Seems a bit manipulative to me though…. just saying.

Herd Mentality for the greater good…


As long as you offer a good quality product that provides true value, then its fine. You are helping the herd better themselves after all. Just don’t take advantage of your position and peddle crap products just to make a buck. Nope. There is enough of that going around already. Be different and provide value. You will gain life-long customers, and you will sleep better at night.

Are you the sheep or the Shepard? C’mon be honest, we won’t judge you… much. If you have ever used herd mentality to accomplish good rather than evil, tell us about it below.


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  • David Bratby

    Reply Reply June 22, 2017

    Hi Micheal, great post. Creating something of value is something that I want to when I create my first product and with the help of P2S. Also what is the social media plugin you are using on the left side of your site?

    • Michael Graham

      Reply Reply July 8, 2017

      Hi David, thanks for the comment. The social media plugin is from “GetSocial.io” – its free.
      I like it better then the one suggested in PTS. Just search for it through the plugins page of your blog.

      • David

        Reply Reply July 10, 2017

        Cheers Micheal, found it. I was going to give sumome a go as well.

        • Michael Graham

          Reply Reply July 15, 2017

          Yes, I have heard a lot of people like SumoMe… I still need to check it out tho.

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