Money For Nothing, Really?

money for nothingMoney for Nothing? Yes! Sign me up! Everyone would love to make money for doing nothing. If you tell me you wouldn’t like that, I’d call you a liar, lol. Some people might say they would rather ‘work for their money’, and I can understand that attitude of pride. If that helps them persevere then I’m not going to stop them, but I still think they are lying to themselves. We can make ourselves believe all kinds of lies that we tell ourselves. I mean c’mon now… who doesn’t want to live like a rockstar?!

“Money for nothing and your chicks for free.” – Dire Straits


But I’m getting a little off topic here! I am trying to point out another common reason for failure, when trying to build a business online. It is fair to say that most people would like to make money for doing as little work as possible. I mean, isn’t that the dream that lures us to work online in the first place? Sitting on a beach somewhere, sipping a cocktail, while we run our business from our laptop? Waking up in the morning and seeing our bank account grew while we slept? Spending our time with our friends and family, doing whatever it is we love to do, and not working?

Yes, this is the dream – and I fully believe it is possible! However, what you have to realize is that the people who live like that have put in a lot of time and effort to get there. Yes we can automate our business. We can experience residual income from recurring sales or membership sites. Yes it will be that easy – but not until we earn it! First we have to build that business up to that point. We have to build those automatic sales funnels. We have to build those membership sites that pay us month after month. It takes time. Sorry to tell you, but it takes work.

It is important to think of “money for nothing” as a goal, something to work towards. You will get there eventually. How fast you get there depends directly on the effort you put into it. Another one of my father’s pearls of wisdom: “Anything worth doing is worth doing right.” I do agree that the harder you work for something, the greater the reward. So yes, I would love to make money for doing nothing. However, I am willing to do the work required to get there. And when I am sitting on the beach, with my family, watching my bank account grow over night… it will all be worth it.

What about you? Are you willing to put in the work now, to enjoy the rewards later? Have you given up in the past when it wasn’t ‘easy’ enough? How’d you turn it around and get back to it?


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  • David Bratby

    Reply Reply June 22, 2017

    Thanks again Micheal, we all want money for nothing but the reality is we need to work our butts off at the start to start building that residual income. Cheers 🙂

    • Michael Graham

      Reply Reply July 8, 2017

      Yes, well said David. Cheers!

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