A Few Tools To Help You Work Online

Some tools we use because they make our life easier, and some tools we simply couldn’t accomplish what we need to without them. Here are a few tools that I use on a regular basis.
  1. Debut Video Capture

    I use this program for recording videos of anything happening on my screen. Yes, there are better video capture programs out there, such as Camstasia, but they cost a fortune! Debut does everything I need a capture software to do… and it’s only $39.95. There’s also a free version, but for personal use only.

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  2. FileZilla FTP Client

    This is one of those tools you literally can’t do without. This is how you get your files from your computer up onto the web to build a website. Honestly, I don’t know if there are any paid FTP clients that are better because I have always just used FileZilla. It has always worked for me and I haven’t needed anything else. FTP transfer is a pretty simple process that needs nothing more than a simple FTP client.

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  3. GIMP Image Editor

    Used to create or edit graphics and photos. I actually use an old version of PhotoShop from 2007, but only because I got it free *cough* and I am comfortable with it. As a free image editor, the majority of people I have talked to recommend GIMP. I played around just to test it out and I can safely say that once my 2007 PhotoShop program craps out on me, I will gladly switch to GIMP.

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What do you use for these purposes? Is there some better software out there that I haven’t even heard of yet?! Let me know in the comments below.


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  • Hi Michael,

    My first ‘weapon of choice’ is Hootsuite. Why type something a dozen times when you only need to do it once… and say it slightly different later as well by using the scheduling feature.

    HTML-Kit by Chami – because there are some things that just need hand coding and checking.

    Speed Dial for Firefox & Chrome – because I don’t want to search through a list of text links when I can see images on the screen.

    Finally – Dropbox. all my files in one place, wherever I am.


    Steven Lucas

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