Affiliate Blogging Part 5 – Cost Per Action Products

In this post, you are going to learn how to find CPA offers. Previously we talked about finding Clickbank affiliate offers. CPA offers allow you to get paid whenever somebody takes a specific action.

For example let’s say that you have a CPA offer for an online dating site. If you drive traffic to that site and if somebody presses “I’m looking for a female from age 21 – 31” or whatever age group there is, in “this city or around this city radius”. If they do that and you have an online dating CPA offer, you get paid every time somebody fills that page out. You can get paid anywhere from $2 – $5,
or more, just to get somebody to fill out and submit the form.

Basically, you are driving traffic to a squeeze page and the people become a lead by filling out a form. Or there are cases where people just fill up the zip code and address, and that’s it – you still get paid a dollar or two.

Now with a specific strategy, we are going to gather some CPA offers. Once you have gathered some CPA offers, then you can add them to your follow-up e-mails. We are not exactly going to add them on the blog itself in front because you can get a lot of higher conversions when you have them signed up onto your list, and then you e-mail them your CPA offers later down the road once you’ve built that relationship with the person on your list.

I have an entire course called Affiliate Blogging Secrets which teaches you all about using CPA offers and many other tactics. Creating a blog, and using it to promote products as an affiliate is incredibly easy to do as long as you follow a proven method!

And you can follow my proven method in my Affiliate Blogging Secrets video course.

Take a look, and if you want to start making-money as an affiliate blogger I highly recommend that you grab it!


Affiliate Blogging Secrets

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