Affiliate Blogging Part 6 – Capturing Leads

This is the last post in this Affiliate Blogging series. I hope that you have found this information valuable and helpful!

So how do you capture some great leads for your product? First you need to create a freebie with good content. How do you do that? You can create a report or newsletter, or you can create a free video that has quality content.

For example, if I’m promoting a product on relationship breakups, I can create a video or report on that topic.

So when you create a freebie, you’d want to keep in mind that you want to create either a short report, short video or something that basically gives answers to people’s questions. For example, relationship breakups: Let’s say we can make a report on how you can get over your relationship breakup within 7 days. Or 7 ways to do this. Or the top 10 ways to do that.

Before you create your freebie, I would recommend you do a little brainstorming by going to or I like because you can find a lot of experts to draw ideas from. You never want to copy someone else word-for-word, of course. Just get ideas and form your own thoughts and opinions.

You then need to set up a capture form on your blog that feeds into your email autoresponder. The best autoresponder service is Aweber. It is the industry standard that all the pros use. People will be interested in getting your freebie, but will have to enter their name and email into your capture form in order to get it. This is how easy it is to capture leads. You can now market products to them for as long as they stay on your list!

I have an entire course called Affiliate Blogging Secrets which teaches you all about using capturing leads and many other tactics. Creating a blog, and using it to promote products as an affiliate is incredibly easy to do as long as you follow a proven method!

And you can follow my proven method in my Affiliate Blogging Secrets video course.

Take a look, and if you want to start making-money as an affiliate blogger I highly recommend that you grab it!


Affiliate Blogging Secrets

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