Fiverr Gold Part 1 – What In The World Is Fiverr?

One of the biggest keys to making-money online is to outsource as much as you can. However a lot of people think that outsourcing is too expensive.

That’s not true at all especially since came on the scene!

What’s Fiverr?

Well it’s a site where…

…for $5.00, you can purchase a service — gigs you never thought you could buy for such a low price that can make you lots of money!

…for $5.00, you can sell a service — advertise a product or service (yours or someone else’s) and let customers give you money! (Lots of it.) (and yes, fiverr is spelled with two r’s) is an online resource where ordinary people buy and sell services (known as gigs) for $5.00. Need a WordPress blog installed on your server? Get it done for $5.00.

And there’s about a million other things you can get people to do there too!

Here’s a bit of information on how it works…

Fees and Payments

All payment transactions are managed by PayPal, a third-party payment processor, for a $1.00 fee. If you provide the service, then you will receive a net payment of $4.00. If you purchase a service, you will pay $5.00.

You don’t need a PayPal account to pay for a service, but you do need a PayPal account to receive money when you sell a service. It’s easy to open a PayPal account, and you can do it in less than a minute.

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Fiverr Gold Rush

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