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freemindYesterday I spent some time with some ‘mind mapping’ software recommended by John Thornhill. Called FreeMind, it is a free download with a pretty easy learning curve. After a short while I was able to lay out a basic mind map, navigate it, and customize colours, shapes, and styles.

The map I’m creating is for my first product idea, which I am creating as part of the Partnership To Success coaching membership I am in. I have just started the product development phase and after niche selection the next step is mind mapping our ideas out.

I must admit that I thought the idea of mind mapping was kinda lame, but now that I have tried it I can see the benefits. If nothing else it allowed me to take all the random ideas I have been having and put them down in front of me. Then I was able to move things around and start to form some sort of structure out of it all.

It even allowed me to realize that the angle I was planning on taking with my target audience wasn’t going to work. Seeing the way different ideas weren’t meshing together showed me that I was actually talking to two different targets and I needed to narrow my focus. Now I am clear on my focus, my target, and my presentation.

Next I have to do some more brainstorming about content. I was hoping to do a continuity type of product, with a weekly or monthly charge, but I don’t know if I have enough content to last that long. I might be better off creating a one-off product with lots of content, rather than breaking it up into a bunch of small pieces.

I will continue to use FreeMind and hopefully things will continue to get more clear. Do you use any kind of mind mapping software? Leave a comment and tell us about it!


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  • Bob Truesdale

    Reply Reply July 7, 2016

    Hi Michael,

    As a fellow P2S student (and even if I wasn’t), I can relate totally to this post as far as “FreeMind” goes. I too, thought it seemed a bit lame, but after tinkering a bit it really does kind of spark your senses with thinking more clearly when adding “Child” nodes, etc. I think you explained it pretty well, and I just wanted to connect and let you know that.
    Wish you the best in your Journey, as I’m in week 12 and a bit overwhelmed here at the beginning of the “product creation” phase. Mind Mapping certainly seem to be in the appropriate order…thanks, good post! Bob

  • Nick Everest

    Reply Reply October 6, 2016

    Hi Michael

    I too have discovered Freemind. I’m currently using it to list all the products I’ve bought and link them into a plan for use either purely for review on my blog or for integration into my overall online moneymaking strategy. I’m glad to hear you found it relatively easy to customise – I’m still at the purely listing stage and don’t want to have to spend to much time making it user-friendly!!

    I’m just starting Week 5 of P2S. How far ahead are you?


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