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Sat Jan 31 – Week three of the Partnership to Success program focuses on setting up a mailing list and an optin form. (Mine is in the sidebar to the right.) A question which has come up time and time again during my time online is: Which is the better autoresponder service, Get Response or AWeber?

From my experience, AWeber is the one used by most marketers online. Anytime you subscribe to a new mailing list, chances are you will recognize the layout as AWeber. That’s got to tell you something right there, but why? There must be a reason everyone would rather use AWeber.

They claim to have 99% deliverability which is probably the most important feature. You want to be sure your messages are getting to your readers! I am not sure if Get Response can make the same claims. Also, I like that when your reader goes to unsubscribe from your list, they are presented with a short description of your list and the original url that they signed up from. This gives them a chance to remember the reason they signed up in the first place, and they might change their mind and stay on your list. I know that I have done this before.

I have found the user interface at AWeber much easier to use. I recently joined Get Response because a pre-built website that I bought required it. The interface was so foreign too me that it turned me off right away. I couldn’t figure out how to work anything! And I don’t have time to watch all their tutorial videos. If it isn’t user-friendly enough to figure out in a few minutes then you’ve lost me.

I will point out one perk that might be important to newbies. Get Response offers a free in-depth video course, which you can choose to take over a 90 day period or a 180 day period. This course teaches everything you want to know about building a list and basic internet marketing skills. AWeber offers you an ebook when you join them, but they ask $29 for it, which may or may not be worth the cost, I didn’t buy it.

Considering I am familiar with AWeber and therefore find it easier to use, and also because John Thornhill recommends it for his students, I chose to stick with AWeber. Let me know which one you like better in the comments section below…


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  • Steven Lucas

    Reply Reply February 20, 2015

    Bit of an unfair comparison in some ways as you admit you had used Aweber for ages and found GR’s interface too different. I’m sure it would be the same the other way round or even if you went to a different autoresponder or installed your own.

    Deliverability is always a claim to take with a pinch of salt as it really depends on the reputation of the individual sender. If loads of his mails end up in the spam bin, eventually he will get penalised by the autoresponder as he will be bringing down the average.

    The best you can do is to encourage people to whitelist you or unsubscribe if they don’t want what you’re offering rather than tolerate you for the sake of it or drop you in the spam box. You must tell them though and every time too. Subscribers are such forgetful people sometimes. {grin}.

    Anyway, my vote goes to GetResponse because I’ve used that for the longest. However, my only other experience was with ListWire which may have been free, but I didn’t like my subscribers being added to the lists of the 2 guys who operated the site as well since they proceeded to send up to 4 emails a day to each of them. Worth avoiding for that reason.


    Steven Lucas

    • Michael G

      Reply Reply February 20, 2015

      It isn’t a benchmark comparison, you are correct Steven. Just my opinion from my experiences. That is why I invited others to offer their opinions as well. Thank you for sharing yours 🙂

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