My Partnership to Success Commitment

partnership to successI have decided to commit to the Partnership To Success coaching program. After following John Thornhill for a few years now, I believe he is the right guy to pay attention to and learn from. I originally joined the PTS program in January 2015, and again in January 2016. Both times I had to drop out due to financial difficulties.

Clearly Partnership to Success is something I really want to do though, because I wanted to rejoin ever since. It keeps coming back to mind over and over again. In the mean time I just had to keep following John’s free content as much as possible. I have stayed on his mailing list and everytime I read one of his emails or blog posts, something keeps lighting my desire to get back into his program! Now, with the re-launching of PTS even bigger and better, I can’t wait any longer!

I have decided that now is my time to succeed. If I do what John says and learn what he teaches, he claims that I could have at least one product launched in about 90 days. That could lead to three products launched within a year. I continue to see success story after success story from people who follow his advice and make it work. I am willing to give it everything I got to make this happen. This post is my public commitment that I will hold myself accountable to realizing my success.

Partnership To Success has a 100% success rate for it’s students.


It has been a little over a week since I made my decision to try again, and so far I have just been concentrating on getting my blog active. My goal is to write a blog post every day, even if it is just some sort of status update, reporting what I accomplished during that day. This will help me try harder to get something worthwhile done each day so I have something to write about! I don’t know if that makes for good content, but it will help me stick to it. As I get more comfortable with writing I will likely start to write better stuff… hopefully lol.

In full disclosure, I haven’t actually hit the Partnership to Success ‘buy button’ yet, but I promise I will. Phase 1 of PTS is basically 8 weeks of blog and autoresponder setup. It isn’t necessary for me to be a ‘paid member’ until I get through this part. Obviously, if you are just starting out then it would greatly benefit you to join before you try all that yourself.

Since I had started the program previously I already had a blog setup, which I had backed up before I quit last summer. I have already committed to buying a new HostGator account and a new Aweber account. It only took a couple days of tweaking to get my blog back into shape and I am currently setting up my autoresponder again. As soon as I am ready to start developing my first product, I promise I will hit that ‘buy button’. I am excited to get reconnected to John Thornhill, and all the valuable support that Partnership to Success provides.

Thinking about joining? Need help getting started? Want to learn from the best mentor in the world? Ask me anything you like below, about my experiences in the program, and I can help you decide if PTS is for you.


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  • Pete Bentzen

    Reply Reply May 7, 2016

    Hi Michael,
    I am a bit like you in that I started P2S back in November 2015, and kept up with everything, even a bit ahead for the first phase. Then I got caught up with day job sending me away to a Gold mine for days at a time, and suffered with my health.

    So, I too am way behind, and just getting into the Niche Selection and first product creation part.

    I wish us both great success in this!
    All the Best!

    • Michael Graham

      Reply Reply April 11, 2017

      Hi Pete, thanks for reading. It certainly isn’t easy, but I am glad you came back to it like I did. I am actually back now for my third try, lol. They say ‘third time is a charm’ and I know this time is for real. I have updated this post to reflect my new commitment. I see your comment is from last year, so I hope you have stuck with it and made some good progress. If you have, do tell me all about it!

  • Steve King

    Reply Reply April 13, 2017

    Hi Michael

    Perseverance is the key…but don’t sweat the small stuff. Jump in feet first and make your product. Then make the second, third, fourth etc.

    trust me, it gets easier and quicker each time, and as you do it you learn tons of new stuff along the way.

    If you focus on your customer’s needs first, everything else takes care of itself

    I wish you all the best on your journey


    • Michael Graham

      Reply Reply April 13, 2017

      Hi Steve, thanks for reading. I agree, I just need to jump in and get it done! Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂 See you around PTS!

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