Optimize Press is the Bomb

Tues Jan 20 – Still working on my blog rebuild. What you are looking at now is the new design, but I guess you’ll never know what it use to look like if you are reading this after today, lol. I was a bit miffed at first when I found out that right out of the hop John wanted us to shell out money for this new theme, called Optimize Press. However, I am absolutely blown away by how amazing it is! It’s more than just a WP theme. It can do sooo much, and looks absolutely fab. I still have a lot of work to do to get it the way I want, but I will continue tomorrow…

Sun Jan 25 – I’ve been a bit busy with work and haven’t updated for awhile. I am employed full time during the week as a bookkeeper, and during evenings and weekends I do bookkeeping side jobs for extra cash and experience. I am also working on getting my Accounting diploma part time as well!

Since Tuesday I finished working on my blog rebuild and added all the plugins that John instructed us to add for this week. I have read most of The Blogger’s Roadmap and I will finish it tonight. I reviewed the week 3 lessons and homework and I am excited to get an optin form set up and begin building a mailing list!

I am finding it hard to write content for my blog. Lack of time as well as lack of ideas to write about. The tips in The Blogger’s Roadmap should help with writing ideas, but finding the time is harder. Going forward, I will make it a priority to post something every second or third day and maybe my creative juices will start to flow soon.


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