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I have recently joined a coaching program called Partnership to Success, by John Thornhill, and I am excited to get started! I have been dabbling in Internet Marketing since about 2007, but like most I have never made any actual money. Although I am experienced with website/blog building and all the technical processes involved with setting up multiple businesses, I have never been able to generate any traffic or sales to anything I have built. I have amazing short-term vision, but I am embarrassed to admit that I suffer from a lack of long-term focus. I am looking forward to the step-by-step style of this course to give me the focus and accountability I need to see things through until I finally see some success.

The PTS forum doesn’t seem very active, judging by the latest post dates. However, I have been inspired by some of the posts there, mostly Keith Purkiss’ detailed progress reports (although he disappeared from his thread in July 2014.) I am going to try and update my progress thread (and this blog) as often as I can. I am hoping at least that John will see it, and maybe others will get active as well. I have a full time job, a young family, and a video game habit, so I don’t have a whole lot of time to spare. I am willing to make time for this course and building my business, but I don’t know how much time I will be able to spend in the forums. My goal is to post weekly but I will try for more. (I’ll see what I can do about that video game habit 😉 )

And so, my first update begins:

Sat Jan 17 – I finally viewed the videos for week one. They were all about getting started, of course. Finding a domain name, setting up hosting, and creating a WordPress blog. It was basically just review for me because I have built so many blogs before. However, I felt I should follow along and review everything just in case there was some tips or bit of wisdom I might pick up. Besides, the videos were short and John’s British accent is a pleasure to listen to anyway, lol! (I’m from Canada, eh)

Since I already have a blog, I didn’t create one as the videos instructed. However, I hadn’t been active on my blog since last year, so I went over everything and made sure it was all ‘up to snuff’ and ready to move forward. The only thing left to do with it is start adding fresh content.

Sun Jan 18 – Logged into Partnership to Success to see if week 2 had been unlocked yet, as I am anxious to learn what is next. Unfortunately no access yet, so I was going through all the parts of the member area that I hadn’t been to yet. Realized I hadn’t requested an invite for the FB group yet, so I did that. Also realized I should be posting in the forum, so I am now.

Just had an idea… I will copy my forum posts to use as content on my blog, thereby talking about my experience with PTS…

So this blog is officially active again after a year. I hope you find some value in my PTS progress reports. They will give you a glimpse into my struggles and success, as I grow my Internet Marketing business with the coaching and guidance of John Thornhill, my mentor.

EDIT: Sun Jan 18 cont’d – Soooo… looks like the PTS week two content is available after all! When I checked early today it wasn’t there, but I guess I should have checked later in the morning. And it looks like John wants us to build our blog in a very specific way. Which is fine, I am excited to follow his plan exactly as he wants it. But I wish I had of spent today changing my blog to meet his specs instead of continuing to work on it the wrong way, lol. I can keep the content but I am gonna have to rebuild the theme and the whole look of it.

I have purchased Optimize Press 2.0 but I will have to wait until tomorrow before I start the rebuild. Right now I am going to focus on watching this week’s videos and doing my laundry for work tomorrow. (Laundry and a j-o-b… what fun!)


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