Why I am an Internet Marketer

Tues Jan 27 – One class I am forced to take in college is Effective Business Writing. I suppose as a future Accountant this will benefit me, but right now it is a drag. As an assignment we have to put together a resume and cover letter. Since I am not your normal 18 year old college student, I already have a resume which I have had to use many, many times over the years. Going over it and revising it to hand in as my assignment made me a little bit depressed.

Not that it is a terrible resume! However, the feelings it stirs in me are the memories of having to find a job. Trying to get interviews, selling myself to a stranger. Luckily I have a secure, full time job so I don’t need to go through that again. A job as a bookkeeper that I actually enjoy, at least I enjoy it as much as someone can enjoy a J-O-B.

However, it makes me reflect on how much I hate being employed. Of all the jobs in the world I wouldn’t trade mine for any other. I love my boss like family, she has helped me out professionally and personally. And I enjoy the bookkeeping work that I do… most of the time.

So I don’t hate my job, I just hate being employed. I hate that I only see my children between 4pm and 9pm every night. I hate that there is so much I want to do, but I have to wait all day to do it, and then fit it all in between 4pm and 9pm as well.

It bothers me that the majority of my life is spent working for a paycheque. I have always felt that it can’t be right. It can’t be the way things are suppose to be. How can we be alive only to spend all day doing something we don’t want to do? I don’t mind working, but I don’t want to spend most of my waking hours doing it!

So this is why I am an Internet Marketer. I am still learning. I may not have made a million dollars yet, and maybe I never will. All I want, more than anything, is to make enough money online so I can quit my job and not spend my days doing what someone else makes me do. I want to spend time with family and do what we want to do.

It is hard to find time to work on building my business online, between 4pm and 9pm each night, when my wife and kids want to spend time with me, and I’m tired from work. But I do it as best I can. I have to do it. I NEED to do it if I ever hope to spend my life the way I want.

I am very thankful for John Thornhill and the Partnership to Success program that I am in. He breaks Internet Marketing down step-by-step and week-by-week, which allows me to delegate my time effectively and reach the goals he sets out. I look forward to how this 12 month course will develop, and am excited to finally become successful online, freeing up my time and breaking away from my J-O-B.

That is why I am an Internet Marketer.


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